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The Musical Fountain in Craiova, Romania

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Fountain Pictures

Posted on 18 March 2007 by admin

Some pictures from 17 December 2006. Click each image to enlarge it.

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Posted on 15 March 2007 by admin

The musical fountain from Craiova, Romania, synchronized on Vangelis – Conquest of Paradise. A wonderful show of lights and sound.

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17 November 2006 Tests

Posted on 14 March 2007 by admin

Pictures from the tests made on 17 and 18 November 2006

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The Project

Posted on 12 March 2007 by admin

This is the project that won the auction for the musical fountain in Craiova. It’s a computer generated video simulation that shows how the fountain will look once completed.

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First Tests

Posted on 11 March 2007 by admin

A few pictures from the first tests that were made at the end of October 2006.

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